Illustration by Kristaly Alcazar Hernandez

Analysis of a Damned Mind

A poem by M.D.

The mirror won’t match my movements.

A groan emanates from my bones.

Kiss your knuckles, raise them up.

Escape the shrieking of your body.


You may think you’re going mad.

Open your mouth and find words.

Understand the words don’t always appear.

Reach inside and find them anyway.


Take your time and speak quietly.

It’s time to take some control,

Move your body and stand up.

Escape the shrieking of your thoughts. Continue reading


A poem by Kiara Spellman


Unconditional. Not subject to any conditions.

Love. An intense feeling of deep affection.


When you put both of those strong words together, you get unconditional love.

A love without limitations and conditions.


God’s love. God’s love will always be unconditional and will always be like the sun.

Warm and always shining down on us.


God’s love has no limit. Despite all the wrong we do and all the pain we cause, he still loves us. Even when we don’t believe in him, he still loves us. Continue reading

Six Word Stories

We asked students staff and faculty to submit six word stories.  Some stories are on exhibit within the school library, and some we are proud to present here. 

Working hard to become someone important.

Richest man, poorest man, still man.

Walking or running; keep it moving.

Life without living is death already.

Screaming music is my entire life.

The underdogs ended up winning it.

It takes less muscle to smile.

Creativity really comes from your heart.

Don’t mistake wants for your needs.

Looked in the mirror, saw confidence.

Eyes can see more than physicality.

Love lost. His mistake. Her gain.

Three words, and eight letters late.

Failure is success when you learned.

You’ve got something they’re all missing.

Art speaks. Just open your eyes.

You didn’t win. I’m still living.

Loving you makes life worth living.

I see myself in my art.

Bitterness is the killer of relationships.

Betrayal is the embodiment of destruction.

Faith is the healer of the soul. Continue reading