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Paige Buza, digital illustration, 2016
Paige Buza, digital illustration, 2016

The Man That Kissed the Moon

A Short Story by Robert Larrabee

I was a samurai with no lord and many said that meant I had no purpose. What they didn’t realize is that I had a purpose. Being a samurai with no lord meant I could devote myself to something greater. At least that’s what I had thought at the time. See back then I was care free. I would simply wander my way through this beautiful land that the gods have gifted us helping people along the way the best I could but no one in this world is perfect… or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

There were times when I would accept payments for these deeds as I was also a samurai for hire but I certainly did not turn a blind eye to those who were in need any way. At that time in my life it was the only way for me Continue reading

One of Us

A Short Story by Darcey Falen

My childhood was one out of a Good Housekeeping magazine. Gibbstown, the town where I was raised, could always be seen with children at the park, couples walking their dog, joggers on the sidewalk, and picture-perfect houses. Ticky-tacky houses are what Mom used to call them. My house, along with every other house on my street, was a two story, blue house with a big back yard and a flowerbed out front. I never really paid much attention to how good I had it, but looking back, I remember every detail. I remember living on the same street as all my buddies. I remember only having to walk a block to the park that had a football and baseball field. I remember getting my first kiss from Sue Kille next door, and also sharing our back yards to have keg-parties in high school. The best peace of mind is looking back on your life and feeling satisfied.
Dad was the preacher at our church, Continue reading


A poem by Courtney Colletti


My house is full of crickets

they sing their melodies

sweet and simple

My home welcomes them


it grows dark

but their songs grow louder


desperately calling to me


what happened to their sweet sounds?

I think of ways to rid My house of them


suddenly it is quiet


I have not seen one in days

but I know that they are not gone

because their songs can never be forgotten