Our America

A letter, by Savannah Campbell

Dear Mr. President,

Need I remind you that without immigration, you would not be who you are?

Need I remind you that an immigrant carried you for nine months and an immigrant did the same for a child of yours?

It doesn’t make sense unless it’s not about immigration, but the color of those immigrants.

Is it brown people who scare you?

As if this country wasn’t built on the backs of brown people.

Slaves. Immigrants. We all come from one or another.

Lady Liberty welcomes those seeking refuge.

Our Constitution says we may practice whatever religion we chose.

If I’m not mistaken, that is the reason your European ancestors fled Europe centuries ago.

When white people were immigrants, before immigration laws.

I don’t know what country or time period you think this is, Mr. President, but this is our country, not yours.

You are instilling fear in Americans against colored people, whether they’re from Syria or Chicago.

Why not instill fear for the white supremacists, masquerading as “alt-right”, you elected to your cabinet?

You turn your head away from the white men who have terrorized churches, schools, and movie theaters and shift the blame to brown people.

But I forgot, a “terrorist” is only a “terrorist” if they have brown skin.

But Islam is not to blame.

Evil comes in all shades.

You cannot single us out by faith or hue or gender.

And if I went into each other those topics in detail, this poem would see no end.

Because even with a wall, we will not be divided.


2 thoughts on “Our America

  1. Bravo. Way to accept the media’s agenda of defaming the POTUS because they do not care for him. Halting current immigration policy to repair and replace the holes that let in bad people, those that want to kill us, is the correct and responsible thing to do. We have enough home grown idiots to worry about. You really want what’s happening in Paris & Germany going on here on a routine basis? As far as the wall, come through legally. Problem solved.


    1. “Home grown idiots,” like those who don’t understand that the ban in question affects LEGAL immigrants.

      This is a beautiful poem. Lovely rhythm, with a muted, deep quality that serves its subject matter well. Art is crucial in turbulent times, and this poem reflects that.


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