Chill Out

Animation by Luca Catalini

Abyss Personified

A short story by Cory Voorhees

Synopsis: In an ancient land an age of darkness is coming to a close.

In another time, another world a kingdom named Lothric existed. The kingdom was of a medieval era; however in this world magic really exists. The world was originally one of darkness, a world plunged into the Abyss and ruled by the Everlasting Dragons. Then from the dark, humanity arose. Then the gods came and split the Lord Soul between them, an extraordinarily powerful artifact that gave the gods even more powerful abilities. With this newfound power the gods challenged the Everlasting Dragons. Then after thousands of years the Dragons were no more.

The gods then began the Age of Fire along with man. This was an age of prosperity. The gods names were ones that can never be forgotten. Gwyn Lord of Sunlight was the god who orchestrated the destruction of the Dragons and began the Age of Fire. Gwyn feared man’s connection with the Dark. Continue reading

My Friend Timmy

A short story by Shelby Sutton

The Oaks was a tiny town apart of a bigger town; back in 1968 is was not like the town I see today; with shopping malls, highways, huge housing development. 1968 we had nothing but woods; children would ice skate during the winter time on this swamp; old swamp had it stories. Where, our “big time”; shopping mall was just a long dark wooden road; scary as hell as a kid. You always felt that an axe murderer was going to pop out at any minute; kids use to go back in those woods to drink and party; kid stuff. But now, that part is gone, all gone by corporate America.

The winter of 68 was a harsh winter as my parents can retell I was a little baby at this time; still living in Fairview a county over. This is when Fairview was not considered to be one of America’s highest crime rated city; Continue reading