Abyss Personified

A short story by Cory Voorhees

Synopsis: In an ancient land an age of darkness is coming to a close.

In another time, another world a kingdom named Lothric existed. The kingdom was of a medieval era; however in this world magic really exists. The world was originally one of darkness, a world plunged into the Abyss and ruled by the Everlasting Dragons. Then from the dark, humanity arose. Then the gods came and split the Lord Soul between them, an extraordinarily powerful artifact that gave the gods even more powerful abilities. With this newfound power the gods challenged the Everlasting Dragons. Then after thousands of years the Dragons were no more.

The gods then began the Age of Fire along with man. This was an age of prosperity. The gods names were ones that can never be forgotten. Gwyn Lord of Sunlight was the god who orchestrated the destruction of the Dragons and began the Age of Fire. Gwyn feared man’s connection with the Dark. Gwyn branded Humanity with the accursed Darksign, a brand that would ward off humanities darkness.  In this world the Dark isn’t just shadows or evil, the Dark is a place of pure black and corruption. The Dark is a blight on the world that must be fought away.

Seath the Scaleless is another god; he is a Dragon who was born without scales and had an affection with the light and humanity so he was exiled by his brethren. The Pale Drake is the most intelligent of all the gods, so much so that he created the art of Sorceries even while being blind. Seath is the only remaining god out of the originals who overthrew the Dragons. He now lives in Lothric looking for a way to understand the Dark itself.

Two friends are walking through a forest called the “The Road of Sacrifices” a place of suffering and pain, but the two people are Hunters of Farram. The two are one a male knight named Lion Knight Albert, and a female Cleric named Heysel. Albert was wearing a long trench coat with armor underneath, black boots and a steel helmet obscuring his face with a fin down the top and back of it. Heysel is wearing long blue robes with a hood and black boots.

“When are we going to get to the Mausoleum of Farron?” Heysel asked Albert.

Albert shrugged with his great axe in hand and silently continued.

“Well you’re quite a big help Albert; but ‘what’- giving me the silent treatment?”

“No I’m just tired of answering that question, you’ve been asking it for the past 20 minutes.”  Heysel sighed and continued walking while reviewing her beastiary, a notebook all about the monsters in Lothric.

Alberts hand shot out in front of the distracted girl and put his finger up against his helmet shushing her.

“What is it?” she whispered not wanting to attract attention from whatever caught the eye of Albert.

“There is a blood starved beast about 20 feet ahead, I caught the whiff of its scent.”

Heysel looked up at the monster and saw a beast on all fours that would definitely be at least 10 feet tall if standing, it has long arms and claws at the tips. The most disturbing thing is that its skin on its back had been ripped off by itself exposing its ribcage and spine. Heysel gagged.

Albert readied his great axe and his flintlock pistol preparing to slay the beast.

“Prepare your healing miracles I’ll go and slice it to pieces, it’s as good as dead.”

Albert ran towards the Beast with a battle cry. Shooting it with his pistol to stun it then slammed it into the ground with his axe, blood flying everywhere. The beast then got up with a spine chilling roar and grabbed Albert and began to gnaw on his shoulder. Albert was then thrown by the beast and hit the ground with a great thud, ignoring the pain he didn’t even scream, instead he called out for Heysel.

“Heysel! Heal me now!”

Heysel pulled out her talisman and chanted “Lord Gwyn God of sunlight and battle, heal this man’s wounds and allow us to live on and slay this beast!”

A yellow rune appeared around Albert and his body began to glow. Then his wounds completely closed in seconds. Then Albert drank his flask with beast blood in it and began to convulse. He got on all fours and in the blink of an eye lept into the beast with a tackle falling into a nearby pit.

“Albert!” Heysel screamed down the chasm echoing within the cave. She then jumped down into the cave looking for her friend that had taken down the beast. The cave was as black as the Abyss and felt as if something was watching her. Then out of nowhere a great axe flies past her face just barely missing her. Growling could be heard as Albert comes out of the darkness on all fours with a black viscous liquid dripping off of his armor.

“Albert are you okay? Please tell me you are okay!”

The knight jumps on Heysel growling dripping the liquid on her, then she with one quick movement rips Alberts helmet off and she screams. Alberts face is covered in black veins and his eyes are glowing red while he is vomiting the black liquid all over her face.

Heysel then prepared another miracle, “Oh Wrath of Gods force this opponent off of this innocent!” Suddenly a blast of energy appears out of  Heysel and throws Albert into the caves wall.

The Lion Knight let out a terrifying scream that came from the abyss itself the black slime floods out of him and his stomach bursts open and shadow came out and broke his rib cage. A hand made out of shadow grabbed Heysel and started to fill her body with the Abyss trying to corrupt her. Suddenly she felt a huge burst of energy and her Darksign burned off and a giant blast of energy came from her body incinerating Albert and throwing her out of the cave.

As she lay on the ground footsteps can be heard coming near to her.

“It’s a cleric.” Two knights came into Heysel’s vision. “She’s covered in the Abyss. How is she not dead?” The knight picked her up and put her on his back. “We should bring the girl to Seath in the Grand Archives.” Then Heysel blacked out.

The Archives are massive in size to be able fit even the biggest of scholars, which includes Seath. In the center there is a massive area made out of magic crystal, a creation of the Drake that comforts and allows him to have the gift of sight. Seath is sitting comfortably in the middle of the Archives contemplating his options for trying to understand the Dark. “I have reached a dead end for the millionth time in my research. Is it fate that I shall never understand the vastness of the Dark that is the Abyss?” he silently thought with his head reeling back in frustration. The archives were quiet with nothing to disturb the Pale Drake in his research, then suddenly metallic footsteps could be heard as two Holy Knights come towards him along with a young girl in a Cleric’s garb.

Seath turned towards the Knights with a sigh, “What is the meaning of this interruption? I will not break a curse on anymore Clerics”. The knights stood silently for a short time until one spoke up, “We did not wish to intrude but this girl seems to be affected by the Abyss. However, she also seems to have a bright flame rooting out the Darkness within her bosom”, Seath looked to them for a short time then snarled in glee.

“If this girl is what you truly say, than she would be a perfect candidate for my research”, he paused for a second with what would be a Draconic equivalent of a smile on his face then finally spoke up again. “What would make you think that she has these abilities in the first place?”, Seath said with a slight tone of caution in his voice.

The girl stepped forward afraid of the towering beast in front of her preparing to speak to the god, while the blue crystals shimmer and hum with a slight tone that sounds like xylophones. “One of my friends was tossed into the Abyss by a Blood Starved Beast, I went after him and became covered in the liquid shadow,” the girl then began to cry and continued to talk. “When I found him he was corrupted and tried to kill me, I could see the corruption flowing from his back splitting his ribcage open and hand made out of pure shadow came from that wound and grabbed me”. The girl then began to wail and tears streamed down her face, the sound causing reverberations with the crystals. “The hand pumped me full of Darkness but it did nothing in the end. As a matter of fact the the Dark invigorated me and allowed me to escape the clutches of my old friend. Then my Darksign disappeared”.

The girl fell to her knees and continued crying while Seath looked to her with a gaze of desire. Seath finally broke the silence and spoke up. “I wouldn’t worry about the world too much longer little girl, I will relieve you of your burdon”. Seath grabbed the girl with one hand and with the other began to extract her soul. The knights tried to stop him with their weapons and lighting spears but to no effect. “Your Darkness now belongs to me. I have grown tired of this world and my immortality”. Seath roared and backhanded both of the knights through the walls killing them, then he crushed what was left of the girl. The Dark Soul was then absorbed into The Pale Drake and he became the Abyss Personified. Seath made his decision he hated this world and he would destroy it himself to make way for a new and better one. Then that wish was made true.

Then Earth was born from nothing.


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