Jeremy Coleman, a freshman in the Communications/Journalism program, passed away suddenly on January 10th 2018. Among his many talents, Jeremy was a promising writer. Toward the end of the fall semester, he submitted this following poem titled “Humanity” to be published in the next edition of From the Oak Desk. It is with great honor that we, the editors of FTOD, are able to share this poem with the rest of the SCC community.


A poem by Jeremy Coleman


The wind blows

The air grows cold

The threats of war are getting bold.

We train, we march, we rally our force.

Death, Despair, Fear.

What is it all for?


Humanity needs to get it together.


One life.

One shot.

Temperatures are on the rise

The iced Ursa can’t survive

The forests are falling.


Humanity needs to get it together.


Citizens starving, dying, sick.

Those in power do nothing.

They sit, they stare, they steal.

Greed guides their choices,

Vanity and self wealth.


Humanity needs to get it together.


A world on fire, immersed in smoke

A grey world emerges.

Our greed, our mistakes, on final stroke.

One last time we stoke the flames,

One more time to fuel our fame.


Humanity never got it together.


4 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. Hi my name is Paul and I am Jeremy’s father. Thank you so much for publishing this poem. He would be proud and so are we. He is greatly missed and will forever be in our hearts.

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  2. Hi I’m Liz, one of Jeremy’s friends. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people he told that he submitted. He asked that we at our group wish him luck so he’d get his poem published. Thank you for doing this for him. My friend is for sure overjoyed because of this one.

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