About Us

From the Oak Desk is an online literary and art magazine which showcases the work of talented Salem Community College students. From the Oak Desk was conceived in 2016 by two SCC professors who wanted to offer their students a place to share their creative works with a larger audience and build their portfolios.

“When I read an exceptional essay from a student—an essay that I know the student poured hours upon hours into—I want others to read, enjoy, and appreciate it too. Such skillful written work shouldn’t be solely for a grade. I know there are a lot of talented student writers at SCC. From the Oak Desk gives them a place to share all types of their creative expression.”  – Jennifer Martin, Assistant Professor of Developmental English

“There is something to be said not just of the process of making creative work, but of putting that work out into the public.  When we exhibit our artworks and writings, the work takes on an independent life.  We offer up for all to see and bear witness to.  And regardless of our intentions, we let the world come to its own conclusion as to the interpretation of our creations.  This is the beauty of visual and literary arts.” – Jenna Lucente, Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Congrats on your first issue Jenna! Spreading beauty, creativity and positivity for students and the public is good for all.

    B&M Lucente


  2. The work shown is exceptional. All students should be very proud of their work and big thanks to the SCC Instructors for making this happen. It is an excellent forum for our students. Not only does it highlight their magnificent work, it also shows the community the quality, talent and ability of SCC’s students.


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