Ideal Beauty

by Tracy Brown

Have you ever heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? It is a popular saying that everyone has probably heard at one time or another in their life. Although this is a popular phrase, there are several social factors that alter the beholders eye to what it perceives beauty is. Beauty is all around us, on television, everyday encounters with everyday people, and several other places. Women are born into the world without a bias as to what is beautiful and what is perceived as ugly. Once that girl has matured into a woman, it is the world that shapes that young mind into what it perceives is beautiful and what it perceives is ugly. Once this occurs girls and women are then placed into categories of beautiful and what society believes it is not. Once women are exposed to the perception of beauty this is when stereotyping and body shaming begins. This then causes a spiral affect that could lead to serious issues in the future. The way in which a woman sees beauty could be altered if there were changes to, the media, the toy industry, Continue reading


Beyond Syntax and Semantics

An essay by Andrew L. Svancara Jr.,

Learning a new language is a wonderful thing, but learning how to enjoy learning it is even better. Enjoying the culture is a major part of understanding and appreciating the language. Integrating a language like Japanese into your daily life is paramount. Also, you must study but be sure to reward yourself for it afterwards. Over the years, I have found a few studying techniques that make it pleasurable for me to learn Japanese.

Enjoying the culture of Japan is an important part of learning it, as it is with any language. I enjoy all aspects of the Japanese language, including its cultural background. For me to enjoy learning Japanese, I must thoroughly research the history behind the language. I achieve this by reading Japanese folklore, reading about Shintoism, acknowledging their norms and values. Continue reading

Hidden Talent

A narrative essay by Shyniese Quails

As a teenager in high school, I faced many challenges. Most teens are worried about their appearance and fitting in; I, however was worried about becoming a better writer. It all began with me writing in my journal. I can still remember when I received my journal; it was an early birthday present from my grandmother. I was sitting in my room watching a rerun of one of my favorite TV shows, when my mom yells for me to come downstairs; she said that I had received some mail. All I can remember is running out of my room in excitement and tripping over one of my little sister’s toys. Hopping down the steps and holding my toe at the same time, I finally had my hands on my package. Paper flying everywhere, I laid eyes on a fancy, fuzzy, bright pink journal from my grandmother. Inside the flap, she wrote a note: “Look in your heart and write; writing is the painting of the voice.” After reading her note, created a jump-start to my journal writing. During my teenage years, I used Continue reading