A Collection of Limerkus by Faculty Guest Author, David Corrigan

About Professor Corrigan: David Corrigan, an assistant professor at Salem Community College and author of The Last Time I Saw Julie Hopkins, earned his master’s degree in computer science education from Widener University. More than participating in many courses in linguistics or even the literature component of the Graduate Institute in Liberal Education at St. John’s College (Annapolis), Mr. Corrigan sometimes attributes his interest in language to his early exposure to a (printed) Webster’s College Dictionary: “Where else can you find adventure, danger, excitement, heroes, inspiration, mystery, romance, suspense, and at least a dozen other really neat words all in one place?”

 Introduction: What Is Limerku?

Limerku, which was first developed in the late 20th century and is sometimes referred to as Haimerick, is the offspring of the marriage of two universally appreciated poetic forms: the limerick and haiku. For anyone unfamiliar with Continue reading