Ideal Beauty

by Tracy Brown

Have you ever heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? It is a popular saying that everyone has probably heard at one time or another in their life. Although this is a popular phrase, there are several social factors that alter the beholders eye to what it perceives beauty is. Beauty is all around us, on television, everyday encounters with everyday people, and several other places. Women are born into the world without a bias as to what is beautiful and what is perceived as ugly. Once that girl has matured into a woman, it is the world that shapes that young mind into what it perceives is beautiful and what it perceives is ugly. Once this occurs girls and women are then placed into categories of beautiful and what society believes it is not. Once women are exposed to the perception of beauty this is when stereotyping and body shaming begins. This then causes a spiral affect that could lead to serious issues in the future. The way in which a woman sees beauty could be altered if there were changes to, the media, the toy industry, Continue reading


A Typical Wednesday Afternoon

A short story by Claudee McMillon

 “Here we go again,” was all I could utter out my mouth as I walked in the house. I had a restless night, so my plans were to take it easy. I’d probably eat a little dinner and watch tv, just relax. Being on spring break from college caused me to stay out most nights with my friends, so I was adamant to let my body rest tonight.

I walked straight into the dining room and had a seat at our well-aged, oak wooden table set with the seats to match. It wasn’t too comfortable, but it was Continue reading

The Last Time

A short story by Hannah Dunkelberger

The last time I had seen this place, it had been full of life. It had been years since it had been open, but Oasis Kingdom had been one of the best places to go as a kid. It was full of fun and wonder as children raced down the streets of the park, screaming at each other.

The games were never fair and very much overpriced. Yet somehow you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation. You’d end up giving the tender bill after bill, as he’d give you dart after dart. All in all, you would spend about twenty dollars on an unnecessarily colorful stuffed bear. But there was something different about winning a prize at a fair that was so much more appealing rather than going to a toy store. Continue reading