a poem by Joshua Sponaugle


a little black dog crossed the lake

he paddled hard for his own sake

But birds above they’d come and go

Til’ he felt the weight of a sullen Crow

he knew he mustn’t ask what caused

the fall

before too long, he hadn’t mind at all

the crow flew off and circled round

he Wondered who’d be next to drown



 a poem by Joshua Sponaugle


Till our ticktocker tocks last–

Our grass is spotted.

Carelessly blue, unimaginative

Stands tall above you

Til shapes may come to view

Some mostly emerald–

Others not-so-new.

No matter how lovely–

There, stained soil

Sits quietly true

Miscue Analysis

A poem by Professor Jennifer Martin

Why is this so difficult for you,

my sweet seven-year-old?

Why can’t you step into books

like your brother and sister

and get lost for hours?

(Comparison: A parent’s dirty secret.)

What is holding you back?


Why is b still d, and d still b,

even though your father and I have

made bed posts and pillows out of our fingers

for you to learn the difference? Continue reading

Depression Hurts

A poem by Joshua Sponaugle

They say depression hurts… but do they tell you that it takes a razor to your torso and head, filleting memories and feelings. That it kidnaps you from your family and friends and tortures you, even while they are plainly with you.

It tells you you’re unlovable. It knows you want the pain to stop, and offers you awful advice, the most awful.

F*ck the glory days and rights of men from God, I just want to smell a freshly picked daisy again, and to bask in the vivid, beautiful mundanities that we’ve put out of mind. I too have forgotten, but I want to remember. I need Continue reading


A poem by Courtney Colletti


My house is full of crickets

they sing their melodies

sweet and simple

My home welcomes them


it grows dark

but their songs grow louder


desperately calling to me


what happened to their sweet sounds?

I think of ways to rid My house of them


suddenly it is quiet


I have not seen one in days

but I know that they are not gone

because their songs can never be forgotten

Untitled Poem

by Joshua Sponaugle

Still, it was hard to find you.

I saw the signs, they seemed so close.

But, these faces and places told me “detour”

I was so close, I could almost see your front door.

Around I went, the GPS battery spent,

I’ve asked 6900 people were I could find you.

Some pointed at crosses, some quiet from losses,

some pointed at green ponies… I ended up

stumped in a cacophony of confusion. Continue reading

Untitled Poem #2

by Joshua Sponaugle

Lonely people wait on anything at all to give them hope to breathe

The voices of the wise have cunningly vanished

Loud angry men have in their divisive nature

forgotten the supreme importance of accepting our reflection amidst the sea.

Joy is a great moment of pause from the cosmic

dissonance of the death of the soul, a flicker of apricity.

From the question of “why at all”, we have come

to brutalize and sanction undeniable wrong.

Lest we live in woe and deny ourselves of these few

as they may be, moments to scream “Me!” they

are plenty and just as many as they ought be. Continue reading